Troubleshooting Email Flow (Outbound)

Previously, I posted about troubleshooting inbound mail flow.  However, just as often (possibly more), you will be troubleshooting outbound mail flow.  Hopefully, this post will help with that.  As with inbound mail, there are many things which can cause problems for mail delivery going FROM one of your users to someone outside your organization.  You […]

Cannot Open ADUC on Server 2000/2003

I encountered an issue where an Exchange 2003 System Attendant service would not start.  Consequently, the Information Store service could not be started either. The root of the problem was that Active Directory was not functioning properly. When attempting to open Active Directory Users and Computers (ADUC), I got an error stating “naming information cannot […]

Problem Installing Network Policy Server

I recently had an issue installing Network Policy Server (NPS) in Windows Server 2008. This was a brand new server, deployed from a known-good VMware template several days before.  The only software on it was the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager Console, which required IIS. I tried to add the NPS component of the Network Policy […]

Problems Running Batch Files in Windows Server 2008

When running a batch file in Server 2008 by double-clicking on it, any commands that are executed use limited permissions due to the built-in User Account Control (UAC) which is enabled by default.  Also, Server 2008 won’t ask you if you want to run with admin rights when you run the batch file, or if […]

‘Trust’ Command Can Recover a RAID on an HP MSA2000 SAN

This week, I was in the unenviable position of troubleshooting and recovering a RAID5 array which had TWO failed disks.  If you know how RAID5 functions, then your heart probably already fell into your stomach and you are checking your own backups right now. 🙂   That’s right.  A RAID5, which requires a minimum of three […]

Troubleshooting Email Flow (Inbound)

There are many things that can throw a wrench in the mail delivery process.  Before you start troubleshooting, you need to have a grasp of the actual problem, not just what was reported to you.  Do not take the word of a non-technical person at face value when they tell you that ’email is down […]

Merging snapshots in Microsoft Hyper-V R1 and R2

When you create a snapshot in Hyper-V, it freezes the original VHD files and creates a new file with a .avhd extension that is a ‘differencing disk’.  All changes are written to the AVHD file and the old VHD is only used as read-only. When you delete the snapshot in Hyper-V, the AVHD file is […]

Outlook Macro to Move Messages to Another Folder

First, this is not something I created, but that I have found very useful.  Credit goes to the original author at ‘Chewy’s Blog‘. But before you go running off and create a macro with this in Outlook, I have a few caveats for you: When you use a macro made from this code to move […]

Setting Client Permissions on Exchange 2007 Public Folders

By ‘public folder’, I mean any of the objects you see in your folder list in Outlook underneath “All Public Folders”.  It can be a calendar, contact list, task list, among others. The best, easiest way to manage permissions on public folders in Exchange is through Outlook.  However, getting it set up so you can […]