Due to security settings in Vista and Server 2008 (and presumably, Windows 7), you may have trouble adding a static ARP entry to the ARP table.

Yes, you may still have trouble even if you run the command prompt (cmd.exe) as Administrator.

Commonly, and the error I have gotten, you will see something like:

“The ARP entry addition failed.”

If that occurs, you can try this method instead.  Not as quick, but it should work.

  1. Run the command prompt as Administrator
  2. Type netsh -c “interface ipv4”
  3. The prompt will change to “netsh interface ipv4>”
  4. Type the following:

add neighbors “Local Area Connection” “xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx” “00-00-00-00-00-00”

…and replace Local Area Connection with the name of your connection.  Obviously, replace the x’s and 0’s with your IP and MAC address, respectively.

2 Replies to “Adding Static ARP Table Entries in Windows Vista and Server 2008”

    1. If you run the command as:

      add neighbors “Local Area Connection” “xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx” “00-00-00-00-00-00″ store=persistent

      …it will save it and you won’t need to run it at every boot.

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