While it was previously announced that Exchange 2007 would not be supported on Windows Server 2008 R2, that decision has been reversed and support for this combination will be forthcoming.

According to this post, at the Microsoft Exchange Team Blog:

We always talk about listening to customers and sometimes this is written off by many as ‘marketing speak’.  In fact, we do take feedback seriously and no input is more important to our engineering processes than your voice.

Earlier this year we made a decision in one direction, and due to the feedback we have received on this blog and elsewhere, we have reconsidered.  In the coming calendar year we will issue an update for Exchange 2007 enabling full support of Windows Server 2008 R2.  We heard from many customers that this was important for streamlining their operations and reducing administrative challenges, so we have changed course and will add R2 support.  We are still working through the specifics and will let you know once we have more to share on the timing of this update.

So, keep the feedback coming.  We are listening.

Kevin Allison
GM Exchange Customer Experience

Posted via email from Aaron Johnstone

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  1. This is one of those moments where you wonder what on Earth they were even thinking… “Hey guys, we were thinking that we would make the most recent versions of our two most popular server products not work together.We figger that if it’s an issue, you can just upgrade to Exchange 2010 LOL!!! On your servers. And Your CAL’s. And almost certainly your older Outlook clients.”

    Best part: the last sentence. “So, keep the feedback coming. We are listening.”
    Translation: “So, keep attacking us viciously when we have our heads up our hindquarters. That’s the only way we can hear you when it is up there.”

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