Windows Server 2008 “BOOTMGR is missing” Error

Not what you want to see when trying to boot Windows Vista Server…oops, sorry, I mean Windows Server 2008.  🙂 Unfortunately, this is what I encountered recently after a Windows Server 2008 virtual machine rebooted following some routine Windows Updates.  After some time spent troubleshooting, it did not appear that any of the updates themselves […]

Prevent registration of multiple IP addresses in DNS

There are times when you will need to have multiple IP addresses on a server.  It could be for an additional receive connector in Exchange, or for another website in IIS, among other things.  This is not recommended if the server is a domain controller and/or DNS server.  Best practice for a DC/DNS server is […]

How to use nslookup to test DNS servers

NSLookup is a very useful tool for testing specific DNS servers.  For instance, if you are having DNS resolution issues or if you are transferring your DNS records to different DNS servers, you can use nslookup to test the authoritative name servers for your domain.  This will enable you to ensure that each of the […]

Configure Resource Mailbox to AutoAccept in Exchange 2007

To configure a resource mailbox to automatically accept an appointment in Exchange 2007, you must use the Exchange management shell. If there is already an appointment that overlaps at all with the appointment you are trying to schedule, you will get back a ‘Declined’ receipt from the resource mailbox. Assuming you already have the mailbox […]

Grant access to resource mailbox in Exchange 2007

To grant access to a resource mailbox, you must use the Exchange management shell. Assuming you already have the mailbox created, and it is called “ResourceMailboxName”, here is the command you should run: Add-MailboxPermission -AccessRights FullAccess -Identity ResourceMailboxName -User Username If you need to grant a different level of permission, use a different option with […]

Free/Busy info not available outside the network

If you are having problems with free/busy information in Outlook, it is most likely due to misconfiguration of the Exchange 2007 Autodiscover service. The Autodiscover service provides info to the Availability service, such as the addresses (internal and external) that Outlook 2007 clients should use to connect to Exchange.  More info here. I would recommend […]

Network Policy Server and Cisco RADIUS Authentication

Setting up RADIUS authentication between Cisco devices and Network Policy Server (NPS) in Windows Server 2008 is a bit different than in previous versions of Windows. Here is a technet page with lots of good info on NPS: For now, I am just going to list the instructions needed to get up and going […]

Top 10 Causes of Email Flow Problems

There are many, many things that can cause email issues.  Here are some of the most common issues I have encountered over the years. In no particular order… 1. DNS changes. Someone may have changed the MX records, or changed the authoritative DNS servers for your domain. 2. Firewall.  If the access or NAT rules […]

Test Your DNS with Namebench

Namebench is a great utility to test your DNS performance against other publicly available DNS servers.  It will run a multitude of DNS-related tests and give you back a recommended DNS configuration for your computer, based on the connection you are using when you run the test.  The tool was created by a Google developer, […]